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Ambiento is an independent management and IT consultancy company. Our core business is to continuously develop people. In our environment, both individuals and teams are further developed and inspired. We contribute to the motivating workplace where people meet. Together with our clients we create a sustainable, inspiring and developmental experience.

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To feel passion and joy is an important part of our lives, both privately and professionally. We strive for this feeling as a natural part of Ambiento and at our customers. We are genuinely interested in our customers and colleagues, their situation, challenges and possibilities. We are passionate and take pride in contributing in our work.


Knowledge and continuous improvement of ourselves and our customers are at the very core of our everyday business. We never stop being curious and help our customers and each other to try new solutions and to develop over time. We offer an environment that creates energy, creativity and teamwork, and where each colleague develops based on the individuals starting point, goals and ambitions.


We aim to be good role models and thereby develop ourselves and our surroundings. We strive to behave in a consistent and coherent manner and communicate clearly. We are humble and seek constructive solutions in complex situations and act without being influenced by agendas and resist pressure. We deliver what we promise, we believe in what we do and hold our selves accountable for what we deliver and are strong enough to admit when something is going wrong.


We are convinced that each individual function best in the long term when you have balance in life. We offer an environment where we see sustainability as a natural part of each individual and relationships. We work with long-term goals, care for each other and put energy into the individual’s wellbeing and long-term relationships.

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Our Culture

Ambiento is a company that centers the business around our co-workers and clients. We have a professional, open and inclusive culture where everybody contributes to our common success. We affirm the individual and seek to develop the individual’s unique skills over time. We strive for active equality and believe in everyone’s ability. We believe in a flat organisation without titles and hierarchies where everyone’s ambition, drive and ability is the basis for development and success. We face people and situations with respect, curiosity and presence. We characterise ourselves as responsible, personal, humble, and with integrity.

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We strive to contribute to your success

Our client’s perspective and context are the starting point for everything that we do. Typically, we act in roles as specialist support at the client or as a smaller team. We work independently from product companies and are not dependent on license sales, operations or maintenance commitments. At Ambiento we work with different kinds of projects and can provide both small and mid-sized teams. Experience is an important supplement to expertise. Even if each project has its own specific challenges, we have often encountered similar situations before. We actively contribute to transfer knowledge both short-term and long-term to our clients.

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Ambiento helps us as a company in all levels. They are engaged, competent and contributes to our overall success. Ambiento is more of a partner than a supplier.

Our offering

We offer independent and market leading specialist knowledge within management and IT. We use our deep and broad experience within ERP and technology together with modern methods and processes in order to enable change and innovation together with our clients.

Examples of offerings:

  • Ambiento Advisor & Specialist
    • Advisory and expert guidance or temporary line of business
  • Ambiento Leadership
    • Project management and leadership
  • Ambiento Teams
    • Delivery of smaller projects, parts of bigger projects or quality assurance
  • Ambiento Subscription
    • Packaged, reoccurring advisory and knowledge transfer
  • Ambiento Labs
    • Knowledge and innovation together
  • Ambiento Associates
    • Network of collaborators

Examples of roles and areas within our field:

  • ERP
  • Strategy and process development
  • Demand and analysis
  • Procurement and evaluation
  • Project, change and test lead
  • Quality assurance and mentoring
  • Architecture and design
  • Information management and analysis
  • Technology, development and integration

For more information, contact Markus Johansson at +46 70 206 36 22

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We hire people with solid knowledge within all Ambientos offerings. If you fit in at Ambiento and want to be part of our growing team, contact us, and we will tell you more.

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